OGC Data for Disasters User Readiness Guide

December 2021 Draft

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Readiness Guides

The User and Provider Readiness Guides were developed as part of the OGC Disaster Pilot 2021, which aimed to bring scalable cloud-based systems and associated technologies together to support the end-to-end flow of information within all phases of a disaster management situation. The two guides are companions, with the User Guide focused on the end-users while the Provider Guide aims to support those contributing data and information.

Both guides showcase three Case Studies to demonstrate how technology can be brought together:

  • Landslide, flooding and pandemic impacts within the Rimac and Piura river basins in Peru.
  • Flooding hazards and pandemic impacts within the Red River basin in Manitoba, Canada.
  • Integration of Health and Earth Observation data and services for pandemic response in Louisiana in the United States.

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